About Us

The Mountains is the first multi-media brand to cover from The Catskills to The Berkshires and everything in between. We embrace the entire region as a whole and reflect the personal experience of living in—and loving—this remarkable corner of the globe. It all comes together in this magical place where culture, nature, adrenaline, food, family, entertainment and style all converge.

Our unique take on the region’s changing character—and characters—is brought to life through exclusives with local personalities, worth-it day trips, dining, home entertaining, design, real estate, shopping, outdoor adventures and so much more – all shown through the lens of world-class photographers and unforgettable graphics.

Our editors answer questions both big (where to go for medical assistance, home maintenance, automotive rescue) and small (best farm stands, finding the perfect gifts, our favorite restaurants) about life here. Our commitment to a higher level of service and sophistication gives us the freedom to capture and share the best that the mountains have to offer whether you’re a full-time resident, weekender or day-tripper.

This region is special every season: From the lush relaxation of summer to the incredible bounty of autumn and from the adrenaline-fueled (or wood stove-stoked) winters to the resurrection of spring. The Mountains will encourage exploration and discovery—inside and out—all year long.

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