Supplies just right for the season and beyond. 

By Robyn Perry Coe

Shifting into gear for the holidays? I stopped into Tractor Supply Co., where their motto is: “Everything you need for Life Out Here…everything except tractors.” Celebrating their 85th anniversary this year, TSC is a supersized country store stocked with holiday supplies and gifts for all ages (and several species). Bring your cider and a donut, and relish laid-back shopping in person to a downhome playlist. Have fun and git ’er done!

No.1: Plaid Shirts

Wrap yourself or someone you love in a winter staple. $19.99


No.2:  Carhartt Beanie 

A country classic in flash orange from hunting season to brunch in Hudson. $19.99


No.3: Chocolate Necco Wafers

One for a friend, one for you, plus nostalgic Charleston Chews, Tootsie Rolls, Pecan Logs & Soft Peppermints. $1.99


No.4: DIY Books

Enjoy winter by learning, planning and making. $24.99


No.5:  Gingerbread House Kit

Save it for a rainy (or snowy) day. $9.99


No.6: Toys

Someone on your list begging for a horse? Also find monster trucks, kids’ tools, whistles, stuffed animals and (surprise) role-playing game guides for teens. $21.99

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