Be it through religion, meditating, cannabis, yoga, breathing, adulting, Pilates or by some other means, we sure do take our own happiness seriously in these parts.


Here’s a question: What’s more fundamentally American than the pursuit of happiness? I mean, the very phrase is enshrined as an “unalienable right” in our Founding Fathers’ OG document, The Declaration of Independence. But nearly two-and-a-half centuries after that aspirational phrase was written on parchment, here we are, still chasing joy.

What’s taking so long? 

In this most gleeful of issues, The Mountains asked an all-star roster of scribes to help find the answer to that most important of questions: Where’s the joy? Our expert writers explore religion, meditating, cannabis, breathing, yoga, Pilates, even adulting in hopes of getting closer to finding our happy place. It’s a journey worth taking—just ask George Washington and his wig-wearing friends.

Here’s a thought: Could the pursuit of happiness itself have been the answer all along? Hmmm…

— Richard Pérez-Feria

The Pursuit Of Happiness

(Below are the LINKS for our exclusive stories covering these essential categories)


High spirits: Religious sanctuary abounds in these mountains.   |  By Sean McAlindin


Now, it counts: The Happy Grownup arrives at the perfect time in your life.  |  By Hal Rubenstein


Happiness required at Devine Berkshires: This history-making retail cannabis shop in the Berkshires wants you to feel the joy.  |  By Melissa Reid


Pro tennis made me super happy (until it didn’t): Finding joy by looking inside, turning work into play and embracing your path—easy.  |  By Mitch Rustad


Meet your brain’s bff: How Lucas Handwerker just may be exactly who you’re searching for.  |  By Mitch Rustad


The fruits of her labor: Nkoula Badila creates better choices for Hudson’s diverse communities.  |  By Mitch Rustad


Yoga bares: Jodi Hurwitz connects the mind and body through breath and motion. Cool.  |  By Mitch Rustad


Pilates to the rescue: Nicole Meadors Keegan is living the dream. She’s wondering why you aren’t.  |  By Mitch Rustad


Breath becomes you: The Kripalu Center’s Jon Orsini says inhaling is where it all begins.  |  By Mitch Rustad




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