Meet your brain’s bff: How Lucas Handwerker just may be exactly who you’re searching for.

By Mitch Rustad

My overall philosophy is that our natural state of being is happy,” says Lucas Handwerker, a subconscious guide and spiritual counselor from his somewhere between Woodstock and Kingston home. “Being joyful is who and what we are. The challenge is to untangle any obstacles and strip away any blocks to that natural happiness, so we always have access to it.”

Whether it’s through his remote private sessions, in-person retreats or newsletters, Handwerker delves deep with his clients to the core issues that impede their happiness. “I help people heal the unconscious roots—that’s my focus,” he says. “The unconscious mind is like an ecosystem. Sometimes things go out of balance, so it’s essential to get to the roots, beliefs or experiences causing the problem.” 

So what’s the most common issue people face in their quest for greater happiness? “Most people either want to stop doing something or they want to do something but find that they can’t because there’s a block in the way,” says Handwerker, who also has a NYC home.

For example, many people want to make more money, or find a healthy relationship or a better job. Yet, other people want to stop doing something, such as smoking, binge eating, feeling anxious or self-sabotaging. 

“I had a client who had an issue with binge eating,” says Handwerker. “When she felt stressed, she ate too much, and it adversely affected her health.” During a session, they discovered the subconscious root of her issue. “Whenever she felt upset, her mother would say to her, ‘eat something, you’ll feel better.’ That experience became a basis for an unhealthy life strategy. It got to a point where any time she didn’t feel OK, she ate. She was simply taking her mom’s suggestion.”

Much of Handwerker’s focus involves working with traumas, old beliefs and unconscious life patterns that no longer serve people. “The main goal is to release trauma and limiting beliefs, so they can connect more with themselves.”

One way that Handwerker maintains his own happiness is through maintaining and nurturing his strong connection to the Hudson Valley and the Catskills. “The natural environment is the most obvious answer to why I love it here,” he says. “But the sheer volume of creative people living in such a tightknit community is also amazing and inspiring. There’s an energy and power here. It’s a special place.”

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