We’re completely obsessed with these mountains-y accessories. I mean...who could resist?

By Mitch Rustad

Pavé Piggy Bank with Crown

You’ll feel like a monarch when you showcase this exquisitely detailed and masterfully crafted Pavé Piggy Bank with Crown in your favorite space. From the Jay Strongwater collection, this one-in-a-million bank is richly detailed; 14K matte gold plated with a light brown antiqued finish and hand-painted enamel. It’s been crafted to last a lifetime. Bloomingdales.com $2,900. 


Hightide Hourglass

Give your Apple Watch a rest and keep time the old-fashioned way, with this elegant, handmade hourglass by Hightide. “People use them for everything,” says Laura Huron, owner of Bosco’s Mercantile, a lifestyle store with a focus on organic linens and bedding in Saugerties, NY. “A lot of parents buy them to use for their child, to time their 15 minutes of reading or maybe for a time out. Other people use it for meditation. Comes in clear, blue and amber, 15- and 30-minute sizes. BoscosMercantile.com  $45


Color Block Everyday Mugs

“I spend a lot of time developing all my own glaze recipes and colors and curating color palettes for my collections,” says production potter Alexis Tellefsen of these gorgeous color block everyday mugs, which are microwave and dishwasher safe (but wash with care). “I think these mugs really exemplify that process.” The unique shape—thick, sturdy with a fatty handle, a cross between several different mug styles from previous collections—is new for the self-described designer of functional wares. “I just started experimenting with color block glazing a little over a year ago and I’ve really fallen in love with it,” says Tellefsen, who opened her Middletown, NY studio in 2019. Each piece is dipped by hand, so no two are exactly alike. “I believe that daily objects should be beautiful.”  TellefsenAtelier.com $55


Prisma Hanging #22

“What I love about them is they feature those gorgeous brass hammered discs, so you get a combination of colors that shoot out, almost like a kaleidoscope,” says Aimée deSimone of the Prisma Window Hanging #22, which is available online and at Berte, her curated home décor and gift shop in Beacon, NY. “We have a bunch that line the windows of our store, and rainbows will just cascade through on a sunny day. It’s a really fun, joyful piece to add to your space. Who doesn’t love seeing rainbows lighting up your room?” These gorgeous prismas—which are available in four variations—are handmade by Sol Proaño, of Ridgewood, NY, and each play with circles and textures, while the slightly curved brass disc further amplifies the light from every angle. ShopBerte.com $118

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