Heretic Parfum’s amazing insect repellent smells as luxe as it is effective. 

By Marco Medrano 

I’ve long been a fan of Heretic Parfum because they’ve always been ahead of the curve with catchy blends that have an elegant twist on their branded product names including Dirty Peach, Florgasm and Scandalwood.

So, when their newest functional fragrance launched touting a non-toxic, safe and long “free-from” list that also repels bugs, mosquitoes and the like, I leaned in. What I wasn’t expecting was to lean in even closer and keep smelling myself. Or sniffing The Entomologist, Heretic’s fine fragrance that works double duty to safeguard your no-fly zone and keep your airspace from being invaded by bugs and the buzz-killing, inevitable subsequent bites.

Best part? No one will ever know you just applied the best smelling, handcrafted, artisan repellent in the world. The combination of cedar, geranium, thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon and clove is masterfully blended in such a way it could easily be your daily, year-round go-to cologne. Or tell not-so-close, snobby friends the fragrance they’re loving the smell of originated in Paris.

Available in both spray and body serum, The Entomologist is simply really that good. A dab behind the ears, wrists or a spritz on your clothes keeps you safe from bugs and smelling fantastic right at that bewitching hour. Buzz off, smelly bug sprays: The Entomologist came to slay. 

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