How Asio Highsmith became the Berkshires favorite ‘Mr. Coffee.’

By Jane Larkworthy

Anyone who grew up in the ’60s or ’70s suburbs likely remembers the thrill that the distant clanging of Good Humor truck bells elicited. Whenever I spot the bright red Best Damn Espresso coffee truck, I can feel the smile forming across my face. BDE is the brainchild of Asio Highsmith, whose masterful blends have earned him respect in the Berkshires and beyond. A trained mixologist, Highsmith owned a sneaker shop in Brooklyn in the late Aughts. During daily visits to a neighborhood coffee shop, he noticed its owner’s inconsistencies in creating his Americano. When challenged about it, the owner offered to sell. Highsmith bit.

“The attention to detail that goes into building a cocktail translated fluidly (for me) to the process of producing a tasty coffee beverage.” Meanwhile, Highsmith, his wife Angela and their two kids had begun spending summers in Columbia County thanks to the Harlem Valley Waldorf School program and their interest in the area quickly started to—pardon the pun—brew. “We didn’t know that we liked a slower paced lifestyle until we started to come to the Berkshires,” he tells me. “It really calmed our nerves and served to our better well-being.”

In 2021 they made the region their home. A year later, he purchased the truck online (“It only had 7,000 miles on it”) and opened for business this past July. One sip will prove the name isn’t hyperbole, and Highsmith says he chose the name to constantly challenge himself. “Cycling through an espresso beverage menu with a barista that you trust can be extremely satisfying, interesting and informative.” To find where he’ll be next, text BDE to 844.659.1203.

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