Philanthropy for our youngest.

by Mia Cárdenas

Sullivan County is home to Sims and Kristen Foster, co-founders of non-profit A Single Bite. Three years past launch, they say their mission has been centered around community, education, feeding and empowering students and families about the food they eat, and where it comes from.

“In 2019, we set out to establish an educational program for students and within the first quarter, our primary goal was reached,” says A Single Bite’s Executive Director, Audrey Garro.

The organization now has educational programs in three different schools within Sullivan County where middle school students are engaged in nutritional education, agricultural and natural sciences, cooking and food education and social skill and workforce development. “There has been a positive reaction from the students,” Garro says. “They become more aware about the choices they make when they eat.”

When COVID hit, Garro says A Single Bite non-profit was fortunate that the media kept telling their story about the reality of food insecurity in Sullivan County. “By March 20, 2020 we were feeding 600 people and sending out 2,500 servings of food every week,” she says. “By summer, we were feeding folks twice a week.”

To keep the word of mouth going, Garro says the organization stays active in their fundraising efforts by hosting cocktail parties, receiving products from local farmers and most recently hosting one of their larger fundraising events at Resorts World Catskills with celebrity Chef Scott Conant.

“At A Single Bite, we’re feeding and educating our neighbors with real food, and encouraging our community to choose better food options so they grow to be healthier adults,” she says. 

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