Where to sit on the train, you ask?

by Jonah Bayliss

Coming in at less than $50, Amtrak’s iconic Hudson leg of its Empire Service line isn’t only an easy, efficient travel option, but with these three tips it’ll be your most enjoyable as well. 

1. Relax This is, unquestionably, the biggest perk of taking the train: zero responsibilities. You don’t have to worry about the traffic, or which route to take—nothing, nada, zilch. You can even use the restroom without having to stop your journey’s progress, amazing in and of itself. And always—always—find the café/bar car. Remember, you ain’t driving the kids to soccer practice, finally.

2. Charge As you venture your way through the sprawling, scenic farmlands of the Empire State, your phone may be having an entirely different experience. There’s a chance it’s spending its time an anxious wreck, frantically searching for a cell tower to cling to. To avoid arriving to NYC with a large chunk of your battery life missing, be sure to bring along a charger. 

3. Views If you really, really want to soak up the beautiful views outside your window, you’ll definitely want to be on the right side of the train (south bound). Much of the impressive Hudson River can be found on this side, while the east side is—how can I put this?—not as fortunate with its aesthetic viewing options.  

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