The local interior designer scorches with stylish honesty.

by Isabel Hochman

As a boy, collector James Coviello spent countless summers touring the flea markets, antique stalls and museums of Europe with his artsy parents, treks that sparked his lifelong passion for old and beautiful things. The fashion designer/decorator describes his Hudson Valley digs as “a perfectly imperfect 1840s Greek Revival getaway.” It’s also stunning filled with vintage furniture, romantic pieces and curious objects that reflect his abiding interest in 19th century art and architecture. Coviello, who rents a booth at The Berkshire Galleries of Great Barrington and a collection at Clove and Creek in Hudson inevitably finds himself drawn to the “time-worn, richly faded look of a well-loved room.” For likeminded interior-lovers, the designer takes on our décor questions. 

What’s our area’s aesthetic?

I’d say they’re based on comfort and family. And it’s interesting that there are so many different kinds of aesthetics very close together. Each region has its own take on country living. There’s room to choose your own adventure. 

What’s the biggest mistake novice decorators make?

People don’t live in their house long enough to see how they use the rooms. There’s a lot of anxiety about what your space should look like, and I think that’s because they haven’t yet lived there. You have to use the space and understand how you function within it.

Any tips for a new home?

Go with your gut. You don’t necessarily have to know what your style is. If you see something you like, chances are it will look good once you get it into your space.

Don’t be afraid of color! I see it with people who are sharing a space together; They might not see eye-to-eye and end up with something very neutral. You don’t want a space devoid of any color.

Nothing is permanent. When changing up your space with something small, you might surprise yourself and go in a different direction.

Tell us your local go-tos.

Berkshire Galleries of Great Barrington; Antique Warehouse Hudson and Housatonic Trading Co. in Bantam, CT.

Interior design matters because…

Your surroundings mean more than you may think.   

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