Three must-haves.

By Mitch Rustad


Slab Leather Oval Tray Oxblood

“I thought of it as an entry table or bedside tray, a little bit of an organizational thing,” says designer/leather-worker Mary L. Chan of this elegant Slab Leather Oval Tray Oxblood, which is functional, decorative and wholly unique. The construction is slab leather, typically used for soles of shoes, which is hand dyed and refined with a matching smooth calfskin interior and discreet tonal stitched detail.

“I don’t know anybody else who’s making a tray this way,” says Chan, owner of Bartleby Objects, who hand-makes every product with partner and frequent collaborator, Mark A. Williams, in their Brooklyn Navy Yard studio. “I like to think all of these things we make as the punctuation to each room in your house,” she says. $320

Farnsworth Fine Accessories Set in Silver + Gold

“The set (featured image above) was designed with the intention to celebrate cannabis, in the same way cigar smokers have long had elegant and functional accessories for their enjoyment,” says Alexander Farnsworth, founder of Farnsworth Fine Cannabis in Great Barrington.

The aptly named Fine Accessories Set in Silver + Gold includes a match box cover, cigarette holder, small hummingbird motif ashtray, and rolling paper holder (“One of my favorites in the set,” says Farnsworth). “It’s meant to be a travel set, but you can have it on a bedside table or living room coffee table as well,” he says. $495


Moroccan Poufs

“What’s so cool about them and one of their biggest selling points is they mix in with any style of decor—modern or antique or vintage—they look great anywhere,” says Emily Irwin, of these elegant Moroccan poufs, made of real tanned leather with hand stitched embroidered detail. 

The poufs come pre-stuffed or you can opt for an unstuffed one. The poufs come in tan, brown, white, black, gold, silver and aqua. $170 (unstuffed); $190 (stuffed)

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