It really is the place—for fall essentials. 

By Robyn Perry Coe

It’s the season to indulge in local pleasures. Apples! Pumpkins! Cider! Donuts! Also, this fall—nature’s grace period before winter—explore the original meaning of hardware: practical tools to make your life better. Between your local hardware store and your neighborhood library, you can make and fix practically anything, plus create a battery of tools to serve you for years, for a fraction of the cost at a curated shop.

No.1: Canning Jars (12pk)

Conserve raspberries or make salsa with the last tomatoes and chiles. (Save for February.) Handy to-go cups for your next tailgate. $14.99

No.2: Cast Iron Skillet

Cook everything, indoors and out. Pass down to grandkids. $29.99

No.3: Sisal Rope

Becomes a swing, clothesline or a garland when the season changes (again). $5.90

No.4: Wooden Clothespins

Clip clothes or chip bags; ends in the burn pile, not the landfill. $4.99

No.5: Utility Knife

Reliable pumpkin carving (and gift opening later). $9.59

No.6: Maglite

Get the good one, for Halloween and beyond. $19.99

No.7: Thanksgiving Candle

This emergency candle smells like a feast. Zero actual turkey. $14.99

Prost! Happy Oktoberfest!

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