Sustainability and the climate crisis fuel some of the annual event’s best work to date.

By Isabella Joslin

The Hudson Valley’s gorgeous landscapes have always attracted both artists and filmmakers. The area has provided a timeless setting for storylines with its rolling hills, small towns, and incredible views. The Secret of My Success, American Gangster, and A Quiet Place are a few notable movies that have been filmed in this region. The Hudson Valley will be highlighted in films produced by the Woodstock Film Festival (WFF), to celebrate its connection to the film industry.

“As the Hudson Valley expands its role as a center for artistic expression, the Woodstock Film Festival is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, particularly supporting films focused on issues of climate change and food sustainability,” says Meira Blaustein, co-founder and executive director of the WFF.

Giving those fighting for change in the Hudson Valley and beyond a voice creates a backdrop that highlights both the beauty of our local area and the rest of the globe. The festival’s focus this year was environmental awareness and sustainability, which was both timely and necessary. The Hudson Valley has emerged as an ideal location for filmmakers addressing pressing themes like climate change and food sustainability because of its various landscapes.

One notable film that exemplifies the connection between the region and cinema is Summer Solstice directed by the talented Noah Schamus. In addition to examining themes of friendship and nostalgia, this thought-provoking film additionally serves as an encouraging reminder of the significance of ecological consciousness and sustainable living in this bucolic area of The Empire State. During the New York premiere, Schamus emphasized the film’s connection to sustainability, stating, “The Hudson Valley isn’t just a backdrop for our story; it’s a character. We wanted to honor the region’s natural beauty and emphasize the importance of preserving it for future generations.”

We were moved, inspired, and amused as the Woodstock Film Festival took us (yet again) on a cinematic tour of the Hudson Valley and the surrounding region. We’ll see the power of narrative in a place that continues to intrigue both spectators and filmmakers.

What follows is a partial list of some of the movies featured at WFF that were filmed in the Hudson Valley:


Blackout | Larry Fessenden | US Premiere

The Book of Light | Ash McNair, Enzo Cellucci | World Premiere

Community On The Menu | Noelle Marino | New York Premiere

Crumb Catcher | Chris Skotchdopole | East Coast Premiere

Down by the Riverside | Jodie Childers, Dan Messina | World Premiere

Gone Before Your Eyes | Cara Yeates | World Premiere

Invisible | Hendrix Bruno | New York Premiere

Model/Actriz – “Crossing Guard” | Nathan Castiel

On The Ice | Kalighan Pelish, Mia Ferrara, Frances Gorres, Nathan Burger

Rooted | Sarina Pardis | World Premiere

Sci-fi Silence | Véra Haddad

Split Ends | Jackson Cutrone

Stockade | Eric McGinty | World Premiere

Summer Solstice | Noah Schamus | New York Premiere

There Go I | Elizabeth Kiluba | World Premiere

Which Brings Me to You | Peter Hutchings | World Premiere

With Peter Bradley | Alex Rappoport

Wolf | Allie Avital

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