You may really want to consider making your way to Kingston. Trust.

Pictures and Words by Alan Katz

If you haven’t had a Moonburger, you must. Not because the burgers are all plant-based. And not because you can make your entire meal vegan. Just because it’s awesome!

The burgers are packed—no, bursting—with flavor. The locally-owned, classic drive-thru burger stop makes all its offerings into a smash burger, so the edges are crispy. The lettuce, tomato, onion and special sauce are just that—special. Fresh. Juicy. The bun is soft but holds it all together and adds even more flavor. And the “meat” is perfect. Textured, juicy, delicious. The french fries, while not exactly fresh cut—my personal favorite—are indeed hot, crispy and, yes, flavorful. 

So, pull over. Grab a bag. Down it and keep driving. You won’t have that full feeling. Just perfectly satisfied. I’m telling you friends, Moonburger is a hit.

*Alan Katz approved 

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