Great Barrington’s Abby Pendergist, owner of @rosepetalvintage, a second-hand online shop, gives us the skinny on bargain hunting.

by Isabel Hochman

What are the biggest mistakes people make when vintage shopping?

Reading the old size tag! Number sizing has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Something that might be labeled size ten in the 1950s could actually be closer to a modern-day size two. Knowing your measurements guarantees you a good fit every time. It’s extremely easy to learn to measure yourself—there are tons of videos and tips online. 

How should you navigate vintage shops for deals?

Every store is different but taking the time to search the racks piece by piece is the best way to find great deals. It’s really important to be patient and thorough because there are often sneaky and incredible pieces that lots of people typically overlook.

What makes vintage better than brand new?

Vintage pieces aren’t like today’s fast fashion with fabric that isn’t built to last very long. When it comes to vintage clothing, quality has always been a big factor. Most older pieces are made from fabrics that can literally be worn for decades. I’m so happy I can continue to pass them on to even more people who’ll appreciate them. 

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