Navigating the country’s retail HQ like a native

by Robyn Perry Coe

I was raised on Walmart, then avoided it like country music. However, now I’m paying my own taxes. Put your peaky blinders on. And, under no circumstances, do not take children. Let’s spend $100—you’ll even get $1.56 back for your efforts.

No.1: Flat Tire Fix I returned to Walmart through the back door. They found a screw in my tire and fixed it for 15 bucks flat. $15

No.2: Tire Mounting Get your snow tires switched out at Walmart and save $100. If you don’t have any snows, order them today and consider an enameled iron Dutch oven—a lifetime of soup for $39.98. $44

No.3: Fabric Waterproofing Spray You’ll need this Upstate, for everything. Buy a spare for your car seats. Dang. I wish I had thought of that before. $5.97

No.4: Post-Halloween Candy Living on a Halloween street requires the annual investment of two hundred bucks in candy. No one mentioned this in escrow. Thankfully, that’s behind us now and we can spend a reasonable amount of money on those irrestible mini chocolate bars.  $13.24

No.5: Cold & Flu Remedy Be prepared for Sniffles Season. You can never really have enough of this stuff on hand. $8.87

No.6: Merino Wool Socks Snow tires for your feet. $7.88

No.7: Baked Pork Rinds The ultimate keto snack is the ultimate Walmart snack. Enjoy them with a $1.99 kombucha and you won’t need to eat that candy on the way home. $3.48

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