At Williams Lumber & Home Centers we love kitchens. And we want you to love yours too. Take the below quiz, tally your points and reveal your Love Your Kitchen Style. Then, come talk to us about fulfilling your dream kitchen.

My kitchen is:

  1. My culinary creation center (25 points)
  2. The place where my family and friends spend most of their time (20 points)
  3. Where we cook and eat – that’s about it (15 points)
  4. A place to serve and store our pickup/delivery/catered meals (10 points)
  5. A grab and go station for quick and on-the-go meals (5 points)

When we entertain:

  1. We cook in the kitchen but eat in other rooms – or outside (25points)
  2. The entire party takes place in the kitchen: cooking, eating, cocktails (20 points)
  3. We cook and eat in the kitchen and then move on to other rooms (15 points)
  4. The kitchen is where we serve our delivery/pickup/catered food (10 points)
  5. The kitchen is for prep and storage as we usually grill, eat out or on the go (5 points)

My ideal kitchen counters would be:

  1. Functional, technical and compatible with my tools/appliances (25points)
  2. Easy on the eyes, easy to maintain (20points)
  3. Affordable and dependable (15points)
  4. Unique and impressive (10 points)
  5. Great for prepping meals, on-the-go food or eating at a kitchen counter (5points)

My ideal kitchen cabinets would be:

  1. Spacious, easy to access and built for speed (25 points)
  2. Well-designed, functional, and beautiful (20 points)
  3. Affordable, well-built, easily maintained (15 points)
  4. Dramatic materials and/or colors (10 points)
  5. Easy access with a pantry and lots of storage (5 points)

If I could renovate my kitchen, I’d make it:

  1. Modern and high-tech with every appliance and tool (25 points)
  2. Homey and comfortable for family and guests to linger (20 points)
  3. Functional for cooking and eating (15 points)
  4. Beautifully designed (10 points)
  5. A place for prep, storage and on-the-go meals (5 points)

Tally your scores and identify your kitchen design style:

100 -125 points
Oui, Chef! You would love to beat Bobby Flay.

80 – 100 points
Let Me Entertain You! Your kitchen is the heart of your home.

60 –80 points
Love is All Around. All our rooms get their fair share of use with company and family.

40-60 points
Fashion Over Function. We don’t cook much adore a beautiful kitchen.

25-40 points
The Busy Bees. With so much to do and see…food fuels the fun.

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