Top execs predict the future of media—for better or worse.

By Richard Pérez-Feria

Photography by Anne Day

Longtime New York City media executive Andy Plesser opened his Lakeville, CT home he shares with his wife, Manhattan radiologist Kathy Plesser, to capture a moment in geographic and tech curiosity: important new media players at rest.

Plesser, who’s organizing an executive retreat July 16-18 in Salisbury, CT at the White Hart Inn, says he’ll host 75 media and advertising executives as they explore and debate the future of the tech industry.

Ten media powerhouses joined Plesser recently to break bread and tell tales on a sunny day in ever-bucolic Litchfield County, including Sean Buckley, Tal Chalozin, Bob Ivins, Alexandra Levy, Marc Mallett, Rob Norman, Joanna O’Connell, Spencer Reiss, Suzanne Taylor and Paul Woolmington. The Mountains asked these knowledgeable folks one kinda-sorta important question: So, what does the future of media look like? Good one, right?

So, what does the future of media look like?

(from left)

Bob Ivins 

Head of Data Strategy, Telly | “The challenge is disruptions to legacy business models and business relationships. In the end, more choice and improved customer experience is a good outcome.”

Andy Plesser

Founder/CEO, Beet.T | “The energy-intensive Internet is a major cause of CO2 emissions. Digital media must become sustainable as part of a carbon neutral world.”

Spencer Reiss

Senior Adviser, VivaTec | “Media are (and always will be) the bleeding edge of mass market technology—bring it on!”

Suzanne Taylor

Head of North American Audience Marketing, Microsoft Advertising“Generative AI will bring drastic changes to the industry from the way TV shows are created to how traditional media agencies are modeled.”

Alexandra Levy

CEO, Silicon Alley Media | “Media, technology and AI will continue to intersect and become inseparable. Fragmentation will remain, scale will matter and personalization will prevail.”

Rob Norman

Advisor and Director | “Media will be atomized, augmented, virtual, real time and on demand.”

Paul Woolmington

Founder/CEO, Canvas Worldwide | “New and evolving forms of content, in ever more varied techniques and contexts… after years of expanding contact points, consolidation is much needed.”

Tal Chalozin

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer, INNOVID | “The future of media looks real and spectacular!”

Marc Mallett

Former Disney Advertising Executive | “The ongoing fragmentation of tv consumption and the growth of ad supported streaming services highlight the importance of data-driven campaigns.”

Sean Buckley

Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite | “A focus on creativity, coupled with intelligent audience targeting, will make for a more efficient and sustainable media landscape.”

Joanna O’Connell

Executive Vice President, Innovation, R3 | “The future of media is being written in real-time—that’s both exciting and should give us all pause.”

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