Your must-own survivor kit awaits.

by Robyn Perry Coe

As everyone knows upstate, Agway, the locally-owned stores carrying pet, home, garden and farm supplies, is an indispensable go-to destination for all area denizens. Ag = agriculture, and if you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers. Let’s get you started with the eight things to fill your mountain life tool kit for $100.

No.1: Windshield Ice Scraper
Yes, you’ll only need this nine months a year, but do keep it near the door because you can’t go anywhere without it. $5.

No.2: Lock De-icer Leave this in your junk drawer, where you can find it. Sure, it’s a sometimes thing, but it beats pouring a kettle of boiling water over your car doors in order to go to Agway to buy lock De-icer. $9.

No.3: Bandana Trust me, keep one on you. It’s a potholder, instant handle, emergency diaper, jar opener, bat net, windshield defogger and, of course, handkerchief. Blue or red. $2.

No.4: Gloves I mean work gloves. Go with quality here if you’re just learning to use a band saw or tree loppers. The thick leather ones can be worn over merino liners and might even have a nose wipe for when you’re hanging festive lights too close to the holidays. $39.

No.5: Safety Goggles Yes, you need them. Get the anti-fog ones with the adjustable strap—those’ll stay on when you’re falling off the roof. Just do it. $16.

No.6: Flashlight How about the one that converts into a little lantern? You can thank me when the power goes out. $19.

No.7: Light Bulbs + Batteries + Matches It’s a matter of when, not if, you’re snowed in. $10.

So, that’s exactly $100.

Oh, but you’ll also need chicken feed, cedar shavings, calcium, watering cans, heat lamps, a movable coop, hawk fencing, a dog, dog food. How do you think Agway gets you back for your next $100 shopping trip?

Don’t get me started on Tractor Supply.

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