“Kids, get in the car. We’re going to the mountains!”

by Alan Katz, Founder/CEO

From early memories of piling into my parents’ Chevy for our summer trip to the Catskills’ bungalow colony, then to the grand hotels, to sleepaway camp and even my prom at Grossinger’s….to a weekend home with our kids in Columbia County, this unique part of the world has shaped me and my family.

But after decades of living in and visiting upstate, I always felt something was missing: a media source that truly reflected the region as a whole—from the Catskills to the Berkshires, and everything in between.

It struck me at random times: when my son broke his arm (where to take him?), when our heater broke (who to call?) or when I would stumble upon a waterfall, an artisanal cheesemaker, a guy who made pizza in a field of sunflowers just a short drive away (why didn’t I know about this?) and who should I tell so they know, too?

So, I assembled an A-list of writers, photographers, marketers and sellers, many of whom I’d met and worked with while in executive roles at New York Magazine, Cargo, Vanity Fair, Interview and DuJour. Our mission: to capture the stunning beauty, the character—and the characters—of this region we love, so you can maximize your mountain time, whether you’re a longtime local, newcomer or visitor.

Artists, makers, farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs. History, culture, cuisine, outdoor adventure. The style and service all start here with our launch issue. Check out themountainsmedia.com for the latest news, follow us @themountainsmedia  on Instagram and Facebook and share this issue with a friend or two. We have all sorts of other experiences coming your way.

Even that seven-year-old in his parents’ car somehow always knew that it was cooler in The Mountains. For now, climb into a comfortable reading spot and…enjoy!

P.S. Issue #2 will drop this Fall. If you’d like to subscribe, please visit themountainsmedia.com/subscriptions. We’d love you to sign up for our newsletter at themountainsmedia.com/newsletter. Hold tight friends— you’re in for a wild ride!

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