This epicenter of Catskills style has always been cool.   

by Todd Plummer  |  Photography by Julia Clark

The well-documented influx of hipsters and young professionals alike in Hudson has no end in sight. The cool kids escape congested city streets in search of a little more space and air. But they’re not settling. Ask any of the pretty young things who now call Hudson home: the red-hot epicenter of upstate art galleries, seen-and-be-seen restaurants, and, yes, where you can sport your finest threads. Truth is, Hudson’s never been cooler.

Longtime residents, on the other hand, will tell you that their tony riverside village has always been cool. This, after all, is the place where artists, writers and communities of all stripes have escaped to find solace in nature not so far from Gotham. There’s something about the fresh air here, something about the mighty Hudson River rolling by that just feels right for creative, carefree living, that has long inspired outsiders to hang their hat here.

Today, it’s the mix of these two residents—the old guard and the new—that makes Hudson stand out. It doesn’t matter if you’re 27 or 77, if you can capture that laissez-faire town attitude, that casual je ne sais quoi, you’ll feel right at home in Hudson.

Warren Street is where you wear a beret (tilted just so) and your fave magazine tote down the street just to walk the dog. This is where you wear a flouncy dress during the day just for a stroll, because, why not? This is where a white linen suit makes perfect sense for running your errands. 

So, while some may have left the pomp and circumstance of the city far behind, just know that Hudson, too, is a place that appreciates good dressing—and “good” here is measured by how authentic you are, and not by which labels you’re wearing. In other towns you can show off your Brioni suits and Chanel flats, because other towns feel the need to show off—but Hudson knows it doesn’t need to. It’s always been a bad ass—and super stylish—destination.

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