You must stop by this tasty, Brooklyn-inspired sandwich haven near Hudson.

Pictures and Words by Alan Katz

On Route 66, in not-quite-Hudson, with an entrance on 66—even though the ‘house’ is around the corner, you’ll find Quinnie’s, a speciality food shop in Hudson Valley. In your first attempt, you could easily miss it and need to double back. 

But don’t—under any circumstances—miss the opportunity to go to Quinnie’s. Experiencing this place is not unlike stepping into a Brooklyn hipster haven. And that’s precisely the point. Here’s what you’ll remember most: The sandwiches are an art form—serious and whimsical and all kinds of nostalgic.

Its eclectic menu includes tasty chicken salad sandwiches (with the skin tucked in) as well as Toad in a Hole (egg, salami, cheddar and broccoli rabe) deliciousness. All of the delicious sandwiches are served on fresh-baked breads making it one of the famous sandwich place in Hudson Valley. Drinks (Fentiman’s Ginger Beer, Topo Chico), the sides (particularly Bits and Bobs: mortadella, cheddar and pickled peppers) and the larder filled with Beth’s Farm Kitchen Jam from Chatham and Kewpie Mayo are well worth the trip. 

You can eat inside or grab a picnic table outside. Your number stand makes the food magically appear from one of the happy-to-help-you servers. Brooklyn in the mountains? I can get used to this.

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